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From the United States, now based in Berlin; Daniel Stern is a former talk show host, a retired competitive eater, a screenwriter, actor and stand up comedian. Stern's live performances are a manic, sweaty collage of anarchic wit, earnest confessions and stories about riding the bus. His acting resume also includes dramatic roles, voice work and a bit of tasteful partial nudity.
In 2021 Daniel Stern Founded "
PodFest Berlin", a grassroots podcasting festival for Berlin's podcast creators and fans.

Daniel podcasts with Berlin news show Radio Spaetkauf and has produced countless live shows with titles like  "Motherfudgers", "An Hour on the M41 Bus" or the sort of eponymous "Staniel Dern Show". Stern took last place behind three children in an NBA Summer League half time dance-off.

"If you’re not familiar with my comedy it is kinda loud and a little sweaty and maybe a bit manic."

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