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  Warm & Fuzzy

It's 1983, puppets are alive; a minority in the human world. Fernald is a puppet seeking belonging, but facing alienation. He fits in neither with the puppets nor alongside humans.

Series Hour Dramedy 

Little Fuchs

  Little Fuchs

Dana moves to Berlin to work in a tech startup, but ends up entangled in a barely functional artist collective called "Little Fuchs" This band of untamed expats leads her down wild paths. Along the way she changes their lives and discovers her own artistic voice

Series - 30min Comedy 

Pick It Up

  Pick It Up

"The Skamps"are a teenage band on the fringes of the 1996 Gainesville, Florida booming ska scene. A family friend and private investigator takes over management of the band. He encourages them to experiment with psychedelics and enlists them in his pursuit of a cultist conspiracy. 

Series - Gothic Suspense Comedy


  A Worthy Life

Johann "Rukelli" Trollmann was a Sinti boxer who rose to fame in late 1920s Germany. He is celebrated despite facing bigotry in the ring and from society. As his nation descends into violence and fascism he perseveres until his tragic death. 

Series - Historical Drama

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