I’m an only child. I spent hours alone in my room with my action figures; telling myself stories. I wasn’t reenacting cartoons or exploring the canon of Star Wars. It was just me and my imagination. I still remember a few plot lines. 

At my desk, laptop open, creating worlds for the screen; I feel complete. But screenplays by their nature are incomplete. They are plans, recipes and dreams until they are produced. 


Working on features, short films, comedy sketches or television pilots, I’m proud of my ability to express not just my own unique vision but also work from other’s experience and inspiration. So get in touch if you have a project that needs a writer or if you’re curious to see some of my screenplays. I look forward to our collaboration.




Any decent translator can turn your German script into English. I have background in screenwriting so your project will meet industry expectations for formatting and maintain the intended tone and style. By combining machine translation with my knowledge of German and a honed talent for dialog and scene description I can ensure that your translated script will serve as beautiful representation of the original work.


Writing in the film industry isn't just screenplays. Log lines, synopses, bibles; every film and television show needs thousands of words that aren't ever going to be spoken on screen. I'll create succinct and rich descriptions for your pitch deck or craft thrilling tag-lines for your movie poster. How I can help your team?